~ The Power of Love ~ Let It Go Viral ~

love comuter

Songs are composed about it, ballads are written, and artists continually become inspired by the muse. With any luck we’ve all experienced its impact at one time or another, but how does one truly define the Power of Love?

As a romance author, I believe in happily ever after. My heroes and heroines are strong, determined people who pursue the one most important quality missing in their lives, true love. But the stories I create are not so far from the pursuit of most every person I know. Aren’t we all looking for some kind of love? Doesn’t everyone desire a relationship, whether it familial, pet centered, or romantic, that offers support, happiness and satisfaction?

heart leaves

Love has many definitions and I doubt I’m able to concentrate such vast emotion into a single discussion, but when considering the Power of Love, one central theme combines all varieties of affection – unconditional dedication. The ability to overlook and accept without fault.

After the excitement and euphoria of a new relationship, when your idiosyncrasies and habits are bared, and your emotions are confessed, when the “pixie dust” settles, the Power of Love lies in the ability to return love without judgment; to choose to grow within the relationship. Only then can love realize its true power.

The same strength that helps couples endure, whether good times or bad, sickness or health; the enduring fortitude to accomplish goals, comfort and care, forgive, encourage, redirect and sometimes rebuild because the outcome is worth the effort−that’s the true power of love. It’s a realization that doesn’t always reach fruition. It’s a gift that should be treasured when accomplished.

Love comes in every shape and size, color and variety, and how lucky we are that love itself encompasses all without a critical eye. Feel free to love and be loved. Experience the Power of Love within you and share that joy with the world.





~ A Character’s Christmas ~

merry christmas anabelle

Tis the season…

Whenever I finish reading a book I’ve enjoyed I find myself imagining the characters in their continued life…so here are a few friends from my Regency romances and how they’ve chosen to spend this Christmas.

scoundrel new cover

Constantine and Isabelle have traveled to Italy from Grosvenor Square. Aside from the exquisite wine and rare talent of the artists of the region, Con has planned for a private gondola on Christmas Eve to take his lovely wife for a romantic evening spent on the water beneath the Venice firework display.

 duke new cover medium

Devlin and Lexi have invited all of London’s elite society to Kenley Manor for the most spectacular event of the season. Musicians, fine food and sleigh rides under the constellations led by Orion and the other excellent thoroughbreds in Devlin’s stable. Roasted chestnuts, wassail and warmed cashmere blankets are arranged for a delightful and traditional celebration.

 The Midnight Rake cover smallest

Phineas and Penelope, along with their two daughters and doting Grandmere, are spending a cozy Christmas at Betcham Estate. Tired of her rigorous social schedule, Julia will be there to dote on her two nieces and join the family in spirited games of beggar-my-neighbor and charades. Caroling around the pianoforte will set the mood before a sumptuous feast prepared by Chef Pierre.

 Earl cover final small

Dash and Whimsy will also be staying home and Kirby Park is decorated to the rafters. Enormous, fragrant boughs of evergreen and kissing balls bedecked with red ribbons hang in every alcove. Aunt Kate and Livie will join in the festivities and Wilhelmina can hardly wait for the gift exchange, for she has the most timely news to share with her husband, a gift to grow their family.

 Undone cover vista

Jasper and Emily have spoiled the children at the Foundling Hospital with gifts and treats and set off for France where a scientist works to perfect an invention he calls the camera obscura, a machine able to reproduce a true likeness in eight hours. Jasper is intrigued although whenever Emily objects to the long hours traveling, Jasper silences her with a long heated kiss. Naturally she complains as often as possible. The two have been known to have full conversations with their eyes, but they confess to a preference of allowing other parts of their anatomy to communicate.

 Society's MS Viscount_FINAL medium

Kellaway and Angelica intend to share an unconventional holiday in bed, in their seaside estate. Once their newborn son is asleep, they’ll count the stars as they walk along the beach, ending the night lost in each other’s arms, a celebration they’ll enjoy repeating into the new year and forever after.

~ Happy New Year and Seasons Readings! ~


measure success

How do you measure success? It’s as individual as choosing what to wear or recommending a popular movie. Everyone seems to have a different interpretation of success and I think that’s what makes it absolutely perfect – no judgment, no right or wrong and in the long run, more pleasure with the progress in the struggle to succeed.

Recently I posted this same question on an author loop where I’m a member and as I suspected, the answers varied greatly. I mentioned that for me, success was represented by achieving publication with a major publishing house. I’d tried for a long time and turned down offers from smaller houses, hoping to recognize the dream I’d held onto for more years than I wanted to count. A few authors agreed with my view of success, many more did not. Here’s a quick list of what others had to say!

-Sales. Getting their story to as many readers as possible.

-Print. Holding a material book in the hand.

-Validation. Good reviews and recommendations.

-Recognition. Winning an award or contest.

-Accomplishment. Number of books written, offer of a new contract.

When you look at the bigger picture, success is actually an intimate measure. Relationships, marriage, children…scoring in the game, acing the exam, graduation…quitting a bad habit, eating healthy…the list is endless and it should be.

Success. Seven letters with fierce empowerment. Find your success. Pursue your dream. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. And celebrate. Celebrate every little and big success and then look forward to more to come.


Happy Thanksgiving and here’s to your success, present, past and future.