ImageWhat is it about Regency England that enchants me and myriad historical romance readers? The elite elegance of the aristocracy? Dashing chivalry and proper courting? Glittering masquerade balls? In my heart, it’s a combination of lost history with fairytale romance that has me yearning for a time machine. Would I travel back for a day? Most certainly! Never mind the lack of plumbing. I’d limit my liquid intake if it offered an opportunity to wear silk slippers, long gloves, and a velvet gown as I entered a candlelit ballroom on the arm of a dashing gentleman.

So much of the time period suits my personality. Etiquette was revered and proper fashion was a priority for men and women. The gentlemen donned their finest embroidered waistcoat, a cravat twisted in an elaborate knot; while the ladies wore layer upon layer of silk beneath the most enchanting evening gown tailored by London’s premier modiste. And the footwear! If not gem encrusted slippers, then lovely high-buttoned boots.  I’d never been known to resist quality leather, never mind pearl trimmed shoes or kidskin gloves.

According to history books, the Regency Period encompassed the decade from 1810 to 1820. Culture of every kind, art, fashion, and architecture flourished. It offers the perfect time period for romantic trysts, decadent indulgence, and fictional intrigue. A strong part of me wishes the world still possessed a little of the respectful stricture and propriety of the past whether it be courting, dueling, business, or pleasure; but like all things, times change.

Would I want to live in Regency England all the time? Absolutely not. Chocolate had not been perfected and I’d be at a total loss without my microwave oven, but writing and reading historical romance transports me for a spell that proves enchanting every single time.