notoriety Rogue, rascal, rake…a scoundrel by any name ignites my heart. What is it about the forbidden that ignites temptation? Constantine, the irresistible hero of To Love A Wicked Scoundrel, evolved from equal parts experience and fantasy.

Con is the most revered scoundrel in London; a man simmering with sensuality and embodying the perfect combination of irrepressible charm, razor wit, and undeniable handsomeness. His notoriety precedes his introduction, a man reputed to capture and crush hearts on a whim; yet one can’t help but fall in love with him.

The most impressive scoundrels I’ve known live on the pages of well written romance novels. Jane Austen set the bar high when she created John Willoughby in Sense and Sensibility. The movie version, starring Greg Wise in this role, enhanced my adoration. Willoughby is a scoundrel of the first order, torn between money and the one female who has captured his heart. Sadly, Willoughby makes the regrettable decision to pad his bank account and deny himself love; yet the poor choice enhances rather than detracts from his appeal, adding a touch of vulnerability to his undeniable good looks.willoughby 2

Other scoundrels have carved their name on my heart as well. Lisa Kleypas created the perfect gypsy rogue in Cam Rohan of Devil in Winter. He broke every rule of society yet convinced me to adore each scandalous act. Madeline Hunter’s Lord of Sin, Ewan McLean, is drool worthy and so very naughty and Liz Carlyle could only have consulted with my imagination when she created Lord Nash in Never Lie to a Lady. He is a dark, passionate man with a wonderful secret obsession.

Scoundrels tread a fine line between adoration and scandal to create a pleasant contradiction of seductive prowess and affable charisma meant to knock females off balance, their pulse triple time. It certainly works for me.

I like my heroes brooding; protected by self-imposed walls of charming conversation and impeccable personality; while I write my heroines, strong-minded with determination to destroy those manmade walls and uncover a deep capacity for love. I have no doubt you’ll feel the same about Constantine and Isabelle when you read their story.

Label me a hopeless romantic, in love with happily ever after and forever daydreaming. I don’t mind. While it’s true I’ve never encountered a real scoundrel, I’m leaving my options open.

Do you have a favorite Bad Boy? Which male characteristics intrigue you the most?