Rebecca Raisin tagged me in the Writing Process blog hop and I’m happy to participate. I “met” Rebecca on Facebook soon after securing my contract with Carina. I had so many questions and Rebecca was more than happy (and patient) to answer them, proving she’s not only a fabulous writer but a genuine and caring person too. It’s awesome news that her Gingerbread Café novels will now be a series.

Like most indulgences, when something is wonderful, I always want more. The Gingerbread Café and Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe are delicious reads. You can find out more about Rebecca’s writing process here: or purchase her book here:

But now it’s my turn!

What am I working on?

With To Love A Wicked Scoundrel set to release early April, I just submitted my second novel to Carina. It’s Devlin’s story. Devlin is Constantine’s friend in TLAWS, but you won’t get to know him very well there.

Devlin is reclusive and known throughout England as The Duke of Darkness. His secrets keep him apart from society, and out of reach of true love until Alexandra enters his life.

My mind is always spinning stories. I have two novels waiting patiently to be put to paper and one itching to be edited. I won’t mention all the other ideas tapping at my temple.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I think voice defines an author more than anything else. The way the characters interact, converse, relate, and react is uniquely owned by the author voice. My heroines are strong and intelligent; my heroes honest and with human flaws and habits.

I dislike convenient coincidences and outlandish plots. I want to write stories that are believable. My novels are character driven, and it’s my hope the reader connects with my characters on a genuine emotional level, and is not pulled through the story by gimmicks or ridiculous circumstance.

Why do I write what I do?

I love to write and I love to travel. Unfortunately I haven’t found that time machine to take me back to England 1817, so I want to recreate the time period of my heart, one I can only visit in fiction.

How does my writing process work?

I’m an educator, so my writing time is limited. I write in the evenings and early mornings whenever I can grab a little time. I have writing pads everywhere, to jot down ideas or snippets of conversation…sometimes just a string of words that have no home yet. People often ask me if I’m a plotter or a pantser (someone who flies by the seat of their pants while writing) and I reply that I’m a shortser since my novels are mostly written in the summer.

Be sure to check our To Love A Wicked Scoundrel ~ Available April 9 from Carina ~

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