Chocolate Squares with Orange Slices on Jute and WoodConfession: I don’t have a sweet tooth. I have 32 sweet teeth. For as long as I can remember, dessert has been the best part of meal protocol. I’ll choose dessert over any main course, hands down (and fork lifted).

When I’m happy, I celebrate with scrumptious. When I’m upset, I pacify with a slice, or two, of delectable. Few things beat the sugar rush, the star-sprinkled finale of the meal, even if it’s only in the form of flavored coffee and a cookie.

I’d like to blame my passion for all things sweet on my parent’s nightly habit of dessert following dinner, but my sister shuns sugar, and proudly boasts she doesn’t like the taste of chocolate. Not me. Dessert and I have a long standing, intimate relationship. We understand each other. There is love, respect, and consideration involved.

Tiramisu, I love you. Biscotti, you hottie. Chocolate Lava Cake, you make me melt.
blog cake

And no wonder. There’s a true decadence connected with indulgent desserts, a sensual feeling of happiness and gratification that spans centuries.

Chocolate dates back to 1900BC when Mayans and Aztecs offered cocoa drinks to the “gods” during sacred ceremonies. During the Regency, solidified chocolates had not been perfected, but ladies enjoyed hot cocoa beverages straight from the chocolate pot as a special treat.

Nowadays, exotic chocolate desserts infused with chili, pomegranate, even bacon, satisy the most discerning palates. But I don’t need extravagance. I’m easy to please. Brownies, a slice of carrot cake, napoleon pastry: I believe in equality in all forms.

Is there a dessert you can’t live without? A favorite you’d like to share? After all, life is sweet, we should enjoy every bite.