piscesDo you believe in the zodiac’s influence? Does Good Fortune smile upon you or is Fate your cruel master? Horoscope much? I’ve always been fascinated with constellations. According to the zodiac cycle, as a March birthday I’m a Pisces, the water sign symbolized by two fish, one facing upward and the other on a downward path. The opposite direction of the fish signify two pathways in life or two lives merged into one being. As an educator and author the definition fits, as I often feel the pull between balancing the two careers. I’m also influenced by the past and the present…a constant struggle to keep my soul centered in one time period.

Pisces are a sensitive sort and emotional to a fault. We are gregarious and apt to make friends quickly, trust being a attribute and a flaw. We also tend to live in our imagination, yet remain focused on our inner journey, ruled by the planet Neptune and prone to love and romance; a seeker of dreams and miracles with acute intuitiveness and an infinity for the ocean. Our color is sea green, our element is moon stone; and an often unperceived quality is hidden strength. The description reads like my resume…I am precisely Pisces, a combination of all of the above.

And there’s the whole water connection too. True to the water sign, I love the beach, swim as much as possible when summer weather is favorable, and have fancied myself a mermaid. I “go with the flow” and don’t often “make waves” priding myself on being easy-going, despite Pisces are often misunderstood and as unpredictable as the movement of the ocean.
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When you consider your sign, do you find it an accurate description of your personality or are you totally different? I’d love to know. My sister is a true Gemini, my mother an Aries exactly, and it’s not just by association that I draw these conclusions. If someone were to read me the zodiac description of each sign, I’d match it in a minute.

Let me know your thoughts. Is it all a bunch of nonsense or is your future like mine, written in the stars?