I’ve been invited to participate in this blog tour by Suzan Tisdale, my lovely author friend. Suzan writes romance blended with mystery in an intriguing historical setting. You can discover more about Suzan’s novels at http://www.suzantisdale.com.

Now for my contribution to the blog tour.

1. What am I working on? Right now I am working on the final historical romance in the trilogy that began with To Love A Wicked Scoundrel. It is Phineas’ story and it is certainly giving me a hard time. Phineas is a kind, respectable gentleman…and much different from Constantine or Devlin.

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? My stories are centered on the romance and their relationship. My novels are character driven. While there is page-turning action, it stems from emotional situations. I avoid contrived circumstances, ridiculous plots, or visits from the “Coincidence Fairy”.

3. Why do I write what I do? I’ve always been enamored with the Regency period and aristocracy. I would love to travel back to that era sometime in the future.

4. How does your writing process work? Since I am a full-time educator, my writing time is grabbed whenever possible. Summer offers me large blocks of time to start, finish, or edit my novels.

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