I was tagged by the lovely Maggie Tideswell to participate in this blog hop discussing a favorite main character. Maggie writes paranormal romance and her Roxanne series is almost finished. If you like a little unexplained intrigue while falling in love, check out Maggie’s novels here: http://maggietiedeswell.blogspot.com/2014/05/meet-my-main-character-ben-roxannes.html?spref=tw

I’ve chosen to talk about the hero in To Love A Wicked Scoundrel. I hope you enjoy.

1) What is the name of your character?
Is he fictional or a historic person?
Constantine 2

Constantine Highborough, Earl of Colehill, is a scoundrel, (albeit a fictitious one) and inspired by this stunning photo of Jared Leto. He is forgiven every scandalous liaison by society; yet while the ton believes he has the world on a string, Con’s emotions are tied in tight knots.

2) When and where is the story set?
London, England 1817

3) What should we know about him?
Constantine is a complicated man, who finds little joy in life. He yearns for a loving relationship far removed from the sycophantic adoration of London society. He has a troubling past and a heart that needs to heal. His only peace, a private joy, is found in painting…until he meets Isabelle. Then his world is changed forever.

4) What is the main conflict? What messes up his life?

Isabelle Rossmore despises the bustling nonsense associated with the height of a London season and is dragged to the city against her better judgment. The last thing she wants is to be pursued by a man known for his rakish exploits. The two meet and the attraction is palpable. Love messes up their lives…and then leads them to a happily ever after.

5) What is the personal goal of the character?

Con has several goals: to overcome his past, to learn to love, to discover who stole his paintings—but above all else he wants Isabelle. Forever.

6) Is there a working title for this novel and can we read more about it?

Much to my delight and gratitude, To Love A Wicked Scoundrel was released on April 9th and became an Amazon historical romance best seller soon after. I’m so happy people are enjoying Con and Isabelle’s love story.

7) When can we expect the book to be published?
My second novel, Duke of Darkness, is set for release June 9th. It is Devlin’s story. He is one of Con’s few trusted friends.

Duke of Darkness cover medium

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