Lock and Key series7

Deep, dark secrets. We all have them. Guilty pleasures we’d never confess out loud. Inner thoughts we guard in our soul. Whether one accepts them, buries them, or pretends they don’t exist, secrets are there, under the surface of consciousness, scratching to be revealed.

And that’s the problem. Secrets are alive. They pester, prod, and insist on being heard. They dare to be exposed. So much so, many of us produce new secrets to cover the old in a frantic attempt to smother the compulsion to confess.

In Duke of Darkness, Devlin chooses seclusion over society to avoid revealing the secrets of his family’s history. It’s a lonely existence, but one he accepts willingly. Still the difficult choice comes at a high price.

Duke of Darkness cover medium

Comfortable with the reality he will never find a lasting relationship; Devlin becomes inaccessible to the emotion, despite his longing to be loved. This yearning manifests as his subconscious wars with the depth of his secrecy. It begs the question, is he hiding his secrets or are his secrets hiding him?

Alexandra Grantchester appears to embody sunshine and laughter, but looks can be deceiving. She’s fled an arranged marriage once and is prepared to repeat history if need be. When she marries, if she marries, it will be to a man of her choosing—one who respects her opinion, shares her passion and cherishes her gift of love.

But that’s only if Alexandra can keep her secret safe, her location hidden, and the truth concealed. She never anticipated falling in love with a complicated, reclusive duke. Nor was she prepared for the strength of her desire, and the need to have Devlin return her feelings.

These well-kept privacies bind and separate them, exerting control through passion, confrontation, abandonment, and realization because secrets kept for decades are strong forces with a will all their own.

What secrets do you keep? Are they asking to be shared? Or will you hold them close to your heart forever?