blog word nerd

I love words. You might think that obvious, since I’m an author, but I love specific words. Are you like that too? One of my favorites is serendipity. Not only does it feel wonderful as the syllables bounce around my mouth, but the definition suits my imagination. Gregarious is another; a word that hints at my personality. I have dependable words in my vocabulary too. Words that work overtime, earning their keep all day, everyday. If you visit my Facebook page often, you know I’m fond of charming, quaint, and lovely. Fabulous and fancy score high as well.

And catch phrases? Really? I’m guilty of the latter despite my best efforts to banish it from my conversation. It’s become an automatic response whenever I’m surprised or feeling a bit snarky. Really? I mean, really?

I suppose the “word-love” stems back to my childhood. I always always had my nose in a book. If not reading, I enjoyed crossword puzzles, anagrams, and wrote poetry with fervor. My vocabulary grew. Much to my dismay no one ever wanted to play Scrabble with me. I would play alone (true story). As my schooling advanced, my writing took several forms: poems, short stories, and eventually full length novels.

It might not be flattering to be thought a word nerd. At least a bookworm has the potential to transform into a butterfly, but I wouldn’t change in the least. What’s not to love about alliteration or rhyme? A delicately turned phrase can be more beautiful than the finest symphony. Do you feel the same way? What are your favorite words and phrases? Write me a letter (or two) and let me know. By the way, would anyone like to play Scrabble?