Thanks to Jo Skehan, my lovely author friend, I’ve been invited to participate in The Liebster Award blog post. For anyone unaware, Liebster is the German word for dearest, kindest, sweetest – an endearing word used to label this invitation to post and reveal bits of one’s personality as well as writing influences. Jo shared eleven facts about herself and then answered eleven questions which you can find here:

Now I’ll do the same.

1. I’m a textbook Pisces. I’m creative, friendly, optimistic and a little bit mermaid – A free thinker who loves to travel, take photos and collect memories because life moves fast.

2. I’d rather eat breakfast than any other meal. Sometimes I have breakfast for dinner. French toast is acceptable at any meal.

3. I dislike spiders and snakes, but not nearly as much as I dislike clowns. Stephen King’s Pennywise is one of the most haunting characters ever. I don’t watch scary movies, rather enjoy romantic comedies, but eschew it all for a good book.

4. I think a clever sense of humor is the sexiest quality a man can possess. Make me laugh and you’ve scored many points.

5. I have no sense of direction. I’d be lost without my GPS. Even if I’ve traveled to a place before, I will get confused trying to remember directions and you definitely wouldn’t want me to tell you how to get somewhere. I’m fairly certain I could get lost on a cul-de-sac.

6. Letters fascinate me. Syllables and the way words sound excite me. I once tried out for Wheel of Fortune and solved all the puzzles correctly. Unfortunately that didn’t get me on the program.

7. In grade school I was sent to the Principal’s office for punching a boy on the playground when he tried to kiss me. I still remember the scene like yesterday. I wonder if he does.

8. I’m decisive and not one to deliberate long on things. I either want to or I won’t, either need it or I don’t.

9. I’ve always been in love with the stars and fascinated by the moon. And deep down, I still hold on to the notion that Pluto is a planet, despite the recent astronomical demotion.

10. I love to dance…even if there isn’t music.

11. I watch very little television. Never the news. If the world is going to end, I don’t want to know ahead of time. That would just ruin any time I had left. I’d rather be obliterated in the inevitable cloud of dust.

And now for the official questions:

1. What did you want to be when you were young?
I always wanted to be a teacher and played school throughout my childhood. I’m still very happy in my first grade classroom. I wouldn’t change my choice of profession.

2. Kindle or real book and why?
Ironically, I prefer a real book but have recently expanded to use my Kindle. The world isn’t waiting for me to catch up, so I figured I better get with the program.

3. Looking over the last 10 years, what is one goal that you have achieved, and one that you have not achieved.
Publication is the goal I have achieved, my first novel released from Harlequin Carina on April 9th, the second on June 9th. Juggling still eludes me (Do you think this has to do with my poor sense of direction?)
cover perfect

What are your plans for retirement? Will you travel and if so, to where and why?
Since retirement isn’t even a glimmer on the radar, things can change, but I’d like to travel for inspiration and continue to write romance. Greece and Australia are high on my list of destinations, although the Caribbean is a favorite locale.

Who is your favourite poet and why?
I’ve always preferred Emily Dickinson. Her poetry possesses a succinct eloquence that speaks of flowers and gardens, but also suggests a lovely transcendentalism.

Name three words that describe your personality.
Gregarious – loyal – generous

What was your latest blog post about?
My last post was about my love of words and language. I’m proud to be a word nerd and bookworm. These labels are not offensive in the least.
blog word nerd

If you had to choose one place in the world where you would spend your remaining years, where would it be?
Somewhere tropical with a pristine beach. I need to feel the sand under my toes and hear the lullaby of the turquoise waters…with internet access, of course. 😉

What’s your favourite genre to read?: science fiction, fantasy, comedy, romance, crime…?

Easy question! Historical romance, because who wouldn’t want to be kissed by a wicked earl or dance until midnight with a dashing duke? I am charmed by the elegance and etiquette of the aristocracy. Since I cannot visit England 1817, I write about it, daydreaming episodes and adventures my characters enjoy in my absence.

How many school friends are you still in touch with?

I am very lucky to still have friends from kindergarten. Although we only see each other once or twice a year, we have kept our friendship going.

The Internet – a good friend or a necessary evil?

Oh, definitely a good friend. Google is one of my besties.

I’m tagging Sara McGoodwin and Karen England for the Liebster Award next!