Little did I know when I accepted a contract for my historical romances, I would be receiving a valuable bonus – one that could not be deposited at the bank or displayed on the wall.

Through my association with Harlequin Carina, I’ve become friends with five lovely ladies who have proven their value repeatedly, not just in friendship and camaraderie, but as kind, intelligent authors who genuinely care about me as a person.

Publishing is a competitive and elusive business. One doesn’t know what or who will become the “next big thing”, and many authors walk a narrow line between sharing and withholding, not quite sure who is friend or foe. Not so in this case.

Let me tell you about five remarkable authors – who I have the good fortune to call friends!

Kierney Scott – Set to release Blurring the Line, the first in a trilogy of hot steamy action romances, available later this month. Kierney and I connected purely accidentally. I posted frustration about my hero in my current manuscript and Kierney quickly chimed in with suggestions and support. She’s proven beyond a doubt that she will take time from her busy life to help a friend. I am very grateful.

Robyn Koshel – All around marketing wizard, reviewer and author of Taming the Incubus. Robyn read my first novel and soon after, we became messaging buddies. She is focused on helping others and her wonderful marketing ideas make my head spin. Her giving, generous nature convinces me angels live in all corners of the world.

Katie Oliver – Mr. Darcy, anyone? Katie takes Chick-lit to the next level with her wonderful series beginning with Prada and Prejudice. After I read it, I was hooked. Poor Katie. Little did she realize I would bombard her with endless publishing questions. Yet she has answered every one, every frantic message, every redundant plea, with patience and wit. Thank you, Katie.

Rebecca Raisin – Author of decadent and delicious romances including Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Café and The Bookshop on the Corner. Rebecca was my first Carina author connection. Who could not approach such an amiable little photo on Facebook? I had questions (yes, more questions) and I sought out her experience. She offered reassurance and friendship without hesitation. She’s a lovely person inside and out.

Samantha Tonge – Author of witty romantic comedies and set to release From Paris With Love – a fun, flirty novel with unexpected twists. Samantha is a fellow question asker! She posts regularly on the Carina site and I never stop learning from the answers. She is clever and genuine, honest and friendly.

What an awesome collection of talent!!

It feels wonderful to be in such creative company, not to mention the assurance of knowing I have friends to support me. There’s no price to be set on true friendship and that was a bonus I never anticipated when I reached my goal of publication.

Thank you, Ladies!