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Hi, my name is Anabelle and I love shoes.

Not that unusual. Many women have the same addiction I suspect, including ladies of the aristocracy, Regency England and further back in history.

So what is it? What makes me dizzy with excitement when I discover the perfect pair of shoes?

The answer is multi-faceted. Shoes are a necessary article of clothing, but they bring me such joy each season: the strappy sandals of summer, the soft supple leather of boots in the fall. Clogs make me happy and ballerina flats are elegant and chic.

Shoes are consistent and dependable. Able to be ordered over the internet without the worry of fit, unlike pants or dresses. Shoes never mind if you gain a pound of two, and instead, reward you with a long lasting life, giving months, years of wear, before they need to be replaced, thus making them a logical investment.

Men don’t get it. Ridiculous statements such as “Why do you need another pair of sandals?” or “Aren’t those similar to the shoes you bought yesterday?” have been heard in the shoe department and dismissed with a wry smile. The male idea of a “perfect pair” has nothing to do with mine. 😉

Every shoe lover knows the right selection completes the outfit – It holds the potential to steal the show. Cinderella would boast the right slipper could change your whole life. It might seem shallow, to adore footwear with such ardent admiration, but before the fancy is dismissed as ridiculous, note there are museums dedicated to this multi-million dollar industry, store chains on every highway, and designers who dedicate their life to pursuit of the newest style.

So while I’ll never have the pocketbook for Louboutins or wear the jewel crusted slippers of the 18th century I adore, I’m perfectly satisfied. I’m sure there’s a reasonable compromise and I’ll keep busy searching for it. If you’d like to discuss shoes, send me an email or come find me in the shoe department. I’d love to hear about your favorites!

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