My TBR basket was almost empty. There were four books left – books I probably would never read. Books that had wound up there because someone gave me a gift or had a castoff, yet it wasn’t my kind of book and it deserved a happier home. I’m fairly locking into romance.

So I was feeling very happy having read and emptied my TBR basket of everything I wanted to read, and yet I was also feeling a little sad. I needed to replenish. I needed a new stash.

Enter the RWA Conference. I suppose all along I knew it was coming so I hesitated shopping on Amazon. It only takes me a few minutes to click through the historical romances online and grab a few good summer reads but I held off. Summer is my optimal reading time. Being a teacher, there’s very little time to read during the school year.

I might manage a book or two a month, but that’s nothing like the summer where I’m reading a book every two days. Summer holds all the potential of sun, sea and the beauty of words. Reading and writing.

So naturally, my TBR basket was emptied by July and ready to be refilled.

When my boxes arrived from San Antonio I was anxiously in wait. I had shipped two cartons full of books and arranged them, overflowing, in my TBR basket as soon as they arrived. (Yes, my Nerd is showing) Lol.

Of course, quickly following is my To Be Real moment. How do I decide which to read first? Do I give any away? Do I horde them for myself? I only have August left and with so many other things to do, how many will I be able to read before work and life interferes? Another TBR moment occurs when I realize there’s no way I can finish them all before next July when the RWA Conference is in NYC and I’ll be packing books up to my earlobes.

book quote

I take a breath and make a selection. Despite I like sweets, this is the true candy shop for me. One book at a time. One little escape. I’ll keep you posted.

What’s in your basket? I’d love to know how you decide what’s next. Picture on the cover? Back of the book blurb? Or do you randomly grab a book and dive inside? Either way, happy reading!