Jackson D’Lynne is a fellow member of NJRWA and her debut novel was released July 10th. I purchased her time-travel romance and fastened my seatbelt wondering if Jackson’s author voice would be as vivid, fast-paced, and intense as her personality. Yes – it certainly is.

The Diva and the Duke tells the story of Haven Edwards, an exotic dancer who steals a pocket watch and travels back in time. There she meets a duke – Logan Dunham, a man who believes beautiful women are dangerous. As a romance, we know the story will end with a happily-ever-after, but included along the way is captive imagery, intriguing dialogue, paranormal episodes and time-jumping suspense.

Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of either genre. I don’t usually read time travel, but Jackson blurs the line between historical and contemporary, suspense and romance, to capture it all in one storyline. If you’re a stickler for exactitude, suspend your belief a little and enjoy. Did I mention the sensual love scenes (not for the shy) and secondary characters who enrich the plot? Jackson packs a lot into every chapter.

I think the clever juxtaposition of the character’s personalities worked well: an exotic dance who travels to a time period where etiquette, corsets and strict morality were principles of life. A hero who wants nothing to do with modern invention or unconventional females, yet he’s captured by the lure of this fantasy woman haunting his dreams.

The Diva and the Duke is subtitled as Three Goddesses Book 1, so I suspect we will be hearing from the secondary characters in the near future. I can only imagine what they might get into. You can learn more about Jackson and her novel at http://jacksondlynne.com.