golden autumn morning

I write about happy endings – happily ever after where the chapter finishes with the secure assumption both hero and heroine will live a charmed life of bliss and enchantment until the end of their days. Yes, I write fiction. Beyond the pages of a novel, nobody’s life is perfect.

In real life, endings can be difficult. Many leave us less than satisfied and enchanting is hardly the right adjective.

Autumn’s arrival always causes me to embrace a sense of change; the season a good time to invoke a shift of perspective. As much as it represents the end of summer, it also begins the school year. An end to carefree days of sunshine are counterbalanced with productive days filled with accomplishment.

Beyond the world of writing and teaching, here begins the holiday season. If the stores you frequent haven’t flaunted decorations, they’re falling behind.

Yet as soon as we welcome the whirlwind of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas, we focus on the end of the year ready to begin a new one. Looking forward to another chance to capture something new. We hardly close the door on the past before speeding forward into the future.

Some of us seeking a fresh start and others hoping to find what was missed the previous year.

One of my favorite movies is Sliding Doors. It’s about endings and beginnings and making choices, and then seeing those choices through. I guess, mostly, it’s about life.

I hope autumn brings you every type of change you wish for and the fortitude to chase the elusive endings and beginnings meant for your future. And if you happen to fall in love or out of luck, remember another chance, another change, is never far away.

autumn comes calling