I hope the former is true. I’ve been terribly neglectful of this blog. Overwhelmed, over-ambitious, call it what you will. I write so many wonderful posts in my mind as I drive to work, but fail to get them to the computer. Call me a sloth, but I really do try. Just another reminder that I need another Anabelle.

*Note to self – investigate cloning opportunities.

smiling sloth happy morning

In all seriousness, I’m definitely a person who believes I can do it all. Happy to take on responsibility and disappointed when I don’t meet every high criteria on my list. Worse yet, I push myself to be the best I can be in each area of my life. Without a doubt, something has to give. There aren’t enough hours in the day – enough days in the week. It’s all a matter of priorities and like you, some priorities are choices, others can’t be put aside or ignored. So forgive me. I’ve been tending to many other things.

I know a few amazing bloggers. I don’t know how they do it. Not only do they offer daily inspiration, information and anecdotes, but they deliver it in a way that has one entranced from the first sentence. That is a gift and a talent combined. That is not me. I own it.

happy raccoon

I’ve always been one to laugh at my shortcomings. No one’s perfect and it makes little sense to dwell on it. Besides, laughing is a much better way to pass the time. So thank you – if you decided to pass a little time with me right now, even though I rambled about all things and nothing at all. I appreciate you stopping by.

*Note to self: Improve blogging practices.