Anticipation. Some say it sweetens the reward. I walk a fine line between excitement and hesitation. Uncertainty and anxiousness mixed in uneven relation on any particular day will set my mood and have me rereading my work to prove or disprove my emotions at the moment.

In two months my third novel will be released – The Midnight Rake. Phineas’ story is unlike my first two. Phin is a honest, good-hearted man. He’s not the popular bad-boy womanizer (Constantine in To Love A Wicked Scoundrel). He’s not the emotionally depressed recluse (Devlin in Duke of Darkness). Phineas follows all of society’s rules. He takes care of his friends. He is a loyal, loving son to his overbearing and at times, hard-to-handle mother. Creating a heroic lover from this odd collection of attributes became a harder challenge than I ever anticipated.

Beautiful man

Of course, once he meets Penelope, life takes a drastic shift. Brave, beautiful Penelope is pursuing an insurmountable task and Phin wants no part of it. Somehow he lands right smack in the middle.

I discovered as I wrote the story that having my hero challenge every belief ingrained in his personality caused an interesting conflict not often explored. Penelope presents Phineas with a problem he knows not how to solve…at least without breaking a few rules along the way, among other things.

Midnight Rake 5

How far would you go once you fell in love? How many rules would you break? How much would you compromise your reputation and your lifestyle as you’ve always perceived it? Interesting queries…

And then there’s the matter of Phin’s secret. Did I forget to mention it? Funny how the past has a way of resurrecting itself at the most inconvenient times. Most especially when you’ve discovered, despite your strongest rebellion, that you’ve fallen in love.

The Midnight Rake promises an unexpected and pleasing departure from other brooding Regency heroes. I hope you’re looking forward to Phin’s story as much as I am.

Oh and there’s a parrot. 😉

The Midnight Rake ~ January 13th from Harlequin Carina

Don’t miss Phin’s story. He’s been there to help his two closest friends find true love. Now it’s his turn to discover Happily Ever After.