Old love letter  Words. I love words. I’m surrounded by them whether as a teacher, reader or author. I’m a certified logophile and proud to bear the title. But the words that disappoint me are not on the written page.

I am continually amazing at how many people give their word and feel no obligation to carry out the agreement. Often a victim of viewing others through the lens of my own heart, I’m startled when others fail to take pride in their word.

Many things in life are taken too lightly. Friendship, loyalty, marriage, divorce. In a disposable society, I feel as those so many values have been lessened to a trivial level, one of the saddest casualties: integrity.

~   Giving your word is a social bond of trust   ~

When I give my word, it means something. Much different from the imaginary scenes I create in my novels; my word, as a friend, business associate or teacher, means something. It’s a measure of my worth, an indicator of my dedication and a peek into my soul. I don’t take decisions lightly. I’m thoughtful about my commitments and I never take someone else’s request lightly. What I need to learn is that it’s difficult to find people with the same level of consideration.

~   One thing you can give and still keep is your word   ~

In the meantime, I’ll continue to be loyal to my friends, supportive, anxious to help and enthusiastic. If I give you my word, you can be sure I’ll do everything in my power to fulfill my commitment. It’s not a bad way to live. Enjoy the day!