SONY DSC Midnight;the word conjures images of mystery, romance, and intrigue. A late night seduction, a mission cloaked in secrecy or a truth revealed. Shakespeare called midnight “the witching hour” although popular culture has transformed this enchanted strike of the clock into a haunting reality filled with shifters, werewolves and vamps. No matter the portrayal, people have been captivated by the allure of the twelfth hour for as long as time’s been recorded.

For a romance writer, midnight is a little bit magic with an extra portion of enchantment; the late night aura perfect for losing a glass slipper before the spell dissolves, breaking a promise or sealing a vow with a kiss.

In The Midnight Rake, Phineas Betcham reveals his best kept secrets at midnight. Of course to add to the mystery, he confesses them only to himself by facing the emotional torment and painful regret buried beneath a strong veneer during the daylight hours. Some secrets are too painful to admit in the light of day. Phineas, the always polite, respectful viscount, buries his dark past and by doing so, denies himself a happy future.

Until Penelope shows up, unexpected and determined to save her own future…unwittingly saving Phin’s as well.

It’s not every day London’s most eligible bachelor, a sexy boxer with a lethal left hook, is rescued by a petite female with honey blond hair and a heart bigger than most…and Phineas rescues Penelope right back. But isn’t that what love is all about, completing each other, supporting and loving each other? Most especially when your soulmate’s in need!

I hope you read The Midnight Rake and are enchanted with Phin and Penelope’s story. And I hope too, you find an exciting adventure the next time the clock strikes twelve

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Happy Reading!

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