Everybody has some kind of hero – a man or woman who inspires dreams, ignites passion or supports determination. For many it may be a family member, spouse or close friend. For authors, a muse. Others admire athletes, celebrities, scholars and artists, but life seems more meaningful when you see in another person, the very goals you wish to achieve yourself. It makes those goals achievable and life richer.

gandy black white In literature, the hero is the epitome of redemption, challenge and success. In romance, every hero deserves an equally motivated heroine to aspire him to reach that goal. My heroes are a composite of opposing attributes. Sensitive and strong, vulnerable and fearless, intelligent until love rocks their world.

ConstantineConstantine in To Love A Wicked Scoundrel, is a revered libertine, excused of every impropriety because his family is well liked, but the reader comes to discover things are not as they seem. He has a very sentimental heart and a deep yearning to be loved.

DevlinDevlin in Duke of Darkness, is full of secrets. He embraces those secrets, using them as a cloak to hide his painful suffering. Devlin, for all his handsome swagger, is afraid to love. He secludes himself, preferring solitude to the risk of society’s censure.

PhineasAnd then there’s Phineas in The Midnight Rake. A strong, six foot tall, boxer…who hides a gentle heart and injured soul. He fights not just in the ring, but with every emotion on the path of true love.

What qualities say hero to you? What makes someone admirable in your eyes? Leave a comment and let me know how you define hero. I’m interested to know.