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Do you believe in FATE? At times it’s easy to dismiss. Human nature dictates we strive for control over our actions and decisions, but on the other side of the coin, we’ve all experienced unexpected circumstances or odd coincidences…sometimes of the life-altering type. Little happenstances that have no explanation or go against every personality trait yet lead to the best decisions of our lives.

How do we explain what happens when it’s least likely, or most importune? Aren’t bigger forces at work? My best friend met her husband by accident, sending an email to the wrong email address. He responded with a joke. She answered…a year later and they’re happily married. That sounds like DESTINY to me.

We’ve all heard extraordinary stories of circumstance that have kept people from danger. Someone’s heel broke, another missed his train, a mother stayed a little longer at her daughter’s daycare; and the incident saved their life. That’s PROVIDENCE at work.

In my new series, REGENCY CHARMS, each story is represented by a different charm on a bracelet. There is also a mysterious little man and his cat who reoccur in different ways through the series perpetuating romance and guiding the lovers to each other. It’s a fun mix of KARMA and SERENDIPITY that has always fascinated me.

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Yet in real life, its a little harder to relinquish control; to trust in the stars or adopt an attitude of PREDESTINATION. How freeing it could be though, to let go of the bindings that often wrap us tight.

Do you believe in KISMET? Have you had an unexplained romantic situation that has led you to somewhere wonderful? Or do you have something to share that has nothing to do with romance and instead, focused your life, readjusted your goal or led you to a particular happiness? I’d love to hear about your brush with FATE.