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HOT SEXY GUYS! (Thank you, Mr. Gandy)

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk heroes and why they’re so delightful. Let’s explore the qualities your ideal man needs – the type of character you love to read about. That’s right, let’s be as shallow as possible. We can get to those deep emotional qualities another time. (wink wink)

My recipe for outstanding handsomeness includes thick brown hair, a fabulous smile and height. I like my heroes tall! He has an easy smile, because life is complicated and you need to laugh at most everything and keep your positive outlook. His eyes need to express what’s in his heart. No dark brooding stares – I don’t want a mystery to solve. I need to know his true feelings without consulting my secret decoder ring.

Phineas   Looking good, Gabriel.

So now let’s talk about you? What are your absolute necessities? Muscular build? Glasses? Mustache? Cleft in the chin devil within?

Constantine 2  Well hello, Jared.

How do you like your hero?

When writing book two in my Regency Charms series, Jasper (the hero) evolved as a very clever character. His outward appearance had to reflect the unique outlook he possessed and of course, still be as devastating handsome as we enjoy fictional males to be. It is escapism, after all. 

He’s also a progressive thinker for the Regency. He doesn’t follow society’s dictates as what’s expected from the brother of an Earl. I think he’s perfect, from his charming smile to his suspenders.

My inspiration for Jasper came from a photo of Todd Finley, an Australian model. Actually, I discovered the photo after three-fourths of the story was written, but I couldn’t believe how much my hero and this real life model resembled one another. And just so you know, I don’t spend my late night hours scrolling through male photos. (Not as often as you want to believe, anyway)

Jasper Todd FinlayHappy to have found you, Todd.

Other heroes in my novels have also been inspired by celebrities and models. The photo serves as a starting point, but my characters personality takes over their appearance in the end. No matter how shallow I insist we consider this blog, the two qualities ultimately become one because in my novels, there is a reflection of the hero’s heart in his good looks.

ValerianCouldn’t leave you out, Colin.

I hope you enjoyed the eye candy today. Just trying to brighten the scenery around here and heat things up in preparation for summer. And don’t forget to tell me who you like to envision when you’re reading! I’d love to hear about your fictional heroes too!