pretty key  Keys. I’m fascinated by their possibilities. I’m interested in their symbolism. I’m writing about them now. A key is the next charm on the bracelet featured in my Regency Charms series. I’m all about “keys” at the moment.

Like all the charms, their shape depicts something greater and possesses a larger theme in the story. What is my character’s key weakness? Strength? How can my hero and heroine find love and at the same time find themselves?

In my own life, I struggle with balance. My first response to a key goal would be a quest for quiet. Lol. I’m often wishing to be left on a tropical island with good internet access. I just want to hear the waves on the shore and nothing else. Quiet is a beautiful sound.

But that’s me being flippant. I thrive on interaction with friends and family. I love being social. The key to my happiness lies in balance. I haven’t found that key yet or unlocked its power.

I hold myself to a high standard and rarely do anything half way. I embrace challenge and welcome new opportunities. I strive to be the best I can be. This key ethic creates the unbalance. I sabotage myself. Perhaps the key to my success lies in self-reflection. A little quiet time to sort out priorities. I need more hours in the day and another “me”.

What is the key to your happiness? Your family? Your spouse? Do you have a secret goal or are you like me, struggling to balance responsibility with desire?


This summer I plan to identify the keys to creating harmony. This summer I’d like to reinvent my life a bit. I wish you luck in your journey and please share your secret if you’ve managed to key in on the beauty of balance and happiness!