my charm bracelet

Charms on a bracelet, links in a chain, people are made of so many diverse components. I think my favorite part of character development is not inventing their appearance, but rather the quirks and personality traits that make them human, even when some of those same qualities may be unlikeable.

Book 2 in my new Regency Charms series releases in less than a month. The hero, Jasper St. David and the heroine, Emily Shaw, are not titled aristocrats, but people just like you and me. I wanted to step back and create two characters who could be a friend right now, never mind Regency England 1817.

Jasper doesn’t disappoint. He’s easygoing, handsome (of course) and eager to succeed beyond the expectations and shadow of being labeled younger brother to an earl.

Closeup portrait of a beautiful male model

Emily is burdened with a troubling past and difficult present. She dreams of a future she dictates, instead of bearing the circumstances which compose her life. In the novel, she reaches beyond the limitations imposed on females of that time…and instead discovers true love.

Portrait of young beautiful girl. Fashion photo

As each novel releases, I’m putting another charm on my silver bracelet so when the series is complete, I’ll have a representation of each novel, but the symbolism extends beyond having a lovely piece of jewelry to wear. I hope each charm serves as a reminder to embody the same traits I wish for my characters to possess, each charm another link to strengthen my character as well.

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