If we’re linked on social media, you already know I’m a Disney fan, happy to escape to sunny Florida and embrace the child within as I visit family and spend time with the ultimate mouse, Mickey. We’ve cruised together, chatted and maintained a long distance relationship for more years than I care to confess.

Disney cruise And maybe it’s not just Mickey, but mice in general. All over my home, in corners, on shelves and in shadowboxes, you can find mice peeking out; my favorite collection created by artist, Annette Petersen. Unlike their ominous reputation, I find mice adorable and whimsical…able to express a huge amount of personality in their tiny little bodies.

IMG_9332 Here’s a favorite nestled near my Knickerbocker Shakespeare classics. The Wee Forest Folk piece is only 2 and one-half inches, so don’t let the miniature books fool you. I also collect others made of mohair, felt or wool.

mohair mouse

My love of Beatrix Potter and fond memories of classic works of literature like Stuart Little, The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes and Santa Mouse also encourage this miniature passion.

But enough about mice. I promised men too, didn’t I? Again I default to social media where I frequently post photos of handsome heroes and inspirations for my historic romances. Most recently, I posted Brad Pitt in a random photo from many years ago which served as an influence for Kellaway, my Regency pirate/gentleman in Regency Charms Book 3 ~ Society’s Most Scandalous Viscount.


When all is said and “posted” there’s only one male who looks good in every photo and has surpassed the test of time, while maintaining a pristine reputation to accompany his timeless handsomeness. (Al least, I think so.) Of course, I speak of David Gandy, the iconic British model.

gandy hot

Best known as the face of Dolce & Gabbana, Gandy has an admirable heart to join with his rugged, smoldering appearance, often donating his time and energy to worthwhile charities around the world for people, animals and fundraising causes.

Timeless, classic handsomeness…yup. That sums it up for me. When you close your eyes and picture the man of your dreams (all husbands, boyfriends and significant others excluded) who do you see? I’d love to hear about it or better yet, have you post a photo here. ~ Enjoy!