Anabelle Bryant

Today marks the two year anniversary that I became a published author and signed my first contract with HarperCollins. I should celebrate, but I’ll probably spend the day like most others…trying to accomplish as much as possible on the weekend before the workweek reclaims me.

These past two years have been amazing and I am grateful beyond any words I could type. Several people have asked me how I managed to write six novels in two years and I explain that the road to publication for me was longvery long, in fact.

Life led me in different directions, but I always wrote. Editors sent me rejections, but I always wrote. I became discouraged at times, but I always wrote. There were times when I wrote a lot, and others when I wrote a little, but the stories were always there.

When I finally succeeded, I had a trilogy written and waiting. It provided me the time to write new stories while publishing the others and well, all those rejections that felt so heartbreaking at the time, led to a happy prolific future.

Now I have more stories in my head than I have time to commit to paper. Like many authors, my characters keep me company patiently waiting for their turn to have a story.

As I look toward 2016, I’m a little sad the Regency Charms series will be ending. I had so much fun writing these books! Yet I don’t dare waste time…too many characters shoving their way to the front of my brain and suggesting their romance be next.


The New Year brings with it bright hope for the future. My stories have been well received and I hope to continue to learn and improve as an author. I enjoy meeting readers and if not in person, just love when I hear from someone on social media or email. Join my newsletter mailing list or tweet me a “hello”.

I am forever grateful for all the readers, bloggers, reviewers and teachers who have aided in my journey. I try to give back as much as possible and had over twenty giveaways this year. As with my stories, I’ll always be a giver. It feels good.

All my best,