measure success

How do you measure success? It’s as individual as choosing what to wear or recommending a popular movie. Everyone seems to have a different interpretation of success and I think that’s what makes it absolutely perfect – no judgment, no right or wrong and in the long run, more pleasure with the progress in the struggle to succeed.

Recently I posted this same question on an author loop where I’m a member and as I suspected, the answers varied greatly. I mentioned that for me, success was represented by achieving publication with a major publishing house. I’d tried for a long time and turned down offers from smaller houses, hoping to recognize the dream I’d held onto for more years than I wanted to count. A few authors agreed with my view of success, many more did not. Here’s a quick list of what others had to say!

-Sales. Getting their story to as many readers as possible.

-Print. Holding a material book in the hand.

-Validation. Good reviews and recommendations.

-Recognition. Winning an award or contest.

-Accomplishment. Number of books written, offer of a new contract.

When you look at the bigger picture, success is actually an intimate measure. Relationships, marriage, children…scoring in the game, acing the exam, graduation…quitting a bad habit, eating healthy…the list is endless and it should be.

Success. Seven letters with fierce empowerment. Find your success. Pursue your dream. Don’t let anyone steal your joy. And celebrate. Celebrate every little and big success and then look forward to more to come.


Happy Thanksgiving and here’s to your success, present, past and future.